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Sakina M’sa proposes a contemporary vision of fashion, combining ethics and aesthetics, and personal and sustainable development. Sakina M’sa, chose the concept of a social insertion company, and believes in « social business », a movement initiated by Professor Yunus. Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, he wants to transform the economy in France, and eventually the world.

Her « Social Business » functions as part of the circular economy, by recycling leftover fabric scraps from the major luxury fashion houses (Saint-Laurent, Balenciaga...).

Ses collections ont été distribuées depuis des années dans des concepts stores mythiques: Maria Luisa, Franck & ls, BHV, Baycrews,ect..

Her collections have been distributed for many years in legendary concept stores: Maria Luisa, Franck & ls, BHV, Baycrews, etc... Sakina M’sa has spent the last four years developing her own concept store, « FRONT DE MODE », which is looking to be part of a fashion revolution in Paris. Fashion that is sustainable and desirable which escapes from the impasses of luxury and being badly dressed.

En 2019 elle intègre le conseil d’administration de la Maison Mode
Méditérrannée. En 2020, Sakina M’Sa rejoint le Fonds de dotation MMM en tant qu’administratrice.