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Boursiers 2021-23

The work in the field over 10 years (2010-2020) by the Association Maison Mode Méditerranée, made possible this digital data centre which brings together precious information on the 117 creators from the Mediterranean, Europe and Africa, which have been supported in the development of their brand name or label. These fashion entrepreneurs, established in 21 countries around the Mediterranean and in Sub-Saharan Africa*, were chosen by an international jury, and helped by our experts in the framework of the MMM Fashion Academy.


80% of them are still involved in the Fashion business and keep strong ties with our members. Regular exchanges have allowed us to analyse and study the evolution of their labels and brands, and define two mirroring classifications :

  • Craft & Tech : These young businesses draw from their vestimentary and artisanal heritage, skills and know-how which allow us to define a Mediterranean stylistic identity, where technology plays an important part. Maintaining and continuing to use traditional high-quality artisanal techniques has become for these labels an undeniable asset and feature which perfectly allies with digital technologies, in order to assert their capacity to produce something modern from their social and historical heritage, but above all in a responsible manner. Local production, heritage, craftsmanship, cultural creation, and in reasoned quantities, are also strong advantages for this new generation of innovative and conscientious creators.
  • Care & Give-Back This generation undertakes to transmit, share and develop their skills. They are very committed to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), find it easier to exchange and share common values, and already integrate into their businesses one or more sustainable development processes and practices.


The Maison Mode Méditerranée Endowment Fund has put together and provides an initial database of Data-Creators with substantial creativity in fashion. It is available to everyone due to its digital format, regrouping inspiring data and providing more information about what the continents which border the Mediterranean have to offer in terms of innovation and imagination in the Fashion sector. Inspiring and interesting, this Data Centre of creators provides a starting point for a common reflection: that of fashion which is both local and global, with various stories but shared ambitions.

 *Albania Algeria, Cyprus, Croatia, Egypt, France, Greece, Israel, Italy, the Ivory Coast, Lebanon, Malta, Monaco, Montenegro, Morocco, Portugal, Senegal, Slovenia, Spain, Tunisia, Turkey.

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