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The Endowment Fund supports general interest projects, cultural projects and scientific projects proposed by teachers, academics, researchers and creators, linked to the sharing of knowledge and the transformation of Fashion metiers and trades.

After 30 years of academic and institutional engagement, where Marseilles was the cultural home for numerous Mediterranean creators, and in order to affirm and structure the continuity of its actions,  


the Maison Mode Méditerranée is pleased to announce its transformation into

the « Maison Mode Méditerranée Endowment Fund ».


The mission of the Endowment Fund is to support and provide finance to creators, researchers, and professionals in both fashion and culture, through general interest projects. From 2021 onwards, the Endowment Fund will define and propose calls for projects based on philanthropy and sponsorship, helped by a network of international experts. A special jury will be put in place for each project, whether cultural or scientific, validated by the Endowment Fund's Board of Directors.


The missions of the Fund


In line with the values of the Maison Mode Méditerranée for the last 30 years, the Endowment Fund has two major objectives :


  • • The first is that of contributing to the sharing of knowledge, and the transformation of the sector into a fashion industry which is ethical and responsible, while at the same time promoting craftsmanship and technology, as well as being local and innovative (craft, tech, care, give-back).


  • The second objective is to develop bridges between Europe, Africa and the countries of the Mediterranean basin, to encourage exchanges, dialogue and the transmission of skills and knowledge.


The Maison Mode Méditerranée Endowment Fund undertakes to develop new forms of philanthropy, to bring together actors and multi-disciplinary skills and knowledge to the crossroad of fashion and society, creation and cultural action.



Crédit photos : Mark Blezinger



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